A Virtual Reality leadership experience to create ultra-high performance teams

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Dive into the immersive experience of VR and meet the leader that you truly are.

You will be surprised what you and your team can learn, when you are experiencing the adventure of submarine rescue missions.

Decision making in teams

Allow your team to experience critical situations and learn how to perform outside of hierarchies.

information Flow

Your team is trained on sharing their most important information that they have, speaking out loud.

Prioritization and goal orientation

Learn how to prioritize your actions in a death-life context, to achieve your main goals.

optimise Communication

You and your team members learn the best ways to interact in critical situations.

play on site

You can play the VR Dive as a workshop experience on-location in Berlin or Florida, or buy a license and play it on your own premises with your own training curriculum. In our coaching sessions you will learn all concepts experienced on Santa Fe; fist-to-five questions, intent-based leadership, and distributed decision-making. They'll be translated into a personal and organizational development backlog that will pave your way to a network organization with 100% Entrepreneurship and 0% Bureaucracy.

available also online

You can also play the game completely remotely, with all players in different locations, meeting on Santa Fe’s virtual bridge. The facilitators always have all players’ perspectives available, and all data recorded for truly next generation, evidence-based, data-driven coaching. This is Formula 1 for leadership development.

Get on board with the help of the minisub
Take control over your station
Prepare yourself as a team
Master decision making under high pressure
Evaluate the missions success

Get ready to discover the new leadership:
Equipped to crush challenges

The VR Dive is not (just) a game!! Every action in the submarine will be intensively analyzed with the RH crew. They will support your team as you discover where your outdated leadership styles failed and where the leadership network style can win the challenge.

Admiral AImee reporting for duty!

Our proprietary AI - AImee - will record the Share of Voice - or Team Language Coefficient - at all times. This means AImee will provide an accurate reflection of who spoke how much during the missions. She can correlate performance of the team with the equality of share of voice.

These guys took a vr dive

What do they really say?

“Stunning and impactful. It made me a better Leader.”

Max Bailey

“Yeah, it’s ridiculously expensive. But it’s oh-so-worth its money.”

Hilger Pothmann

“The best Leadership Development workshop I have ever experienced.”

Jürgen Pinkl

"There is nothing like the VR Dive. Nothing. It’s life-changing.”

Brent Mingle

“If you want to truly understand Network Leadership, shut up and play the VR Dive.”

Marcus Schlobach

"The VR Dive is a unique interactive experience to turn followers into leaders and create ultra-high performance teams."

L. David Marquet - Captain (retired) USS Santa Fe
This is not just a game


The VR Dive is an ingenious simulation of one of the most remarkable leadership experiments in history.

As newly appointed commander (now retired) of the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, David Marquet faced a ship dogged by poor morale, the worst performance in the fleet and very limited time to prove itself worthy of not being dissolved. In an incredibly courageous ploy, he brought a completely new leadership mindset to the team which fundamentally changed their methods and achieved a vastly more powerful model of giving control.

It’s this exceptional success story which gave birth to THE VR DIVE: The expertise of professionals and the wisdom of years compressed into a one-day VR experience.

Like David Marquet, you can expose your team to the exact same environment; undertaking high-pressure challenges but with a radical new level of individual control. With all members assuming leadership responsibility, you will gain a new awareness of what needs to change to reach where you want to be: an ultra-high performance team.

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