how long until you become a network?

Instead of making yet another task manager app and selling it to you as the new sh*t, we make the relationships between people visible, by using a very specific set of tools that we put in a cool package we call aiRH.

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contributions completed so far by these fine folks

mark klein

ceo, t-mobile

I love aiRH! Out of the box, ready to go!”

gary hamel

london business school

netwoRHk is the Tesla of management.

prof. gilbert probst

world economic forum

netwoRHk centralizes the ‘why’ & distributes the ‘what’ better than anything

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when you work in
a network

you balance autonomy and alignment with accountability. This is the Game Changer.

Reinvent the means of control

Clear goals and peer-to-peer commitment over micromanagement

Build agile and natural hierarchies

Enable dynamic and self-organized teams to contribute by owning the way they work

Data driven decision making

Graphic visualizations and dashboards to support your decisions realtime

Network performance

No more artificial hierarchies that slow down productivity; unleash the power of your teams

before we even begin, let's set something straight

it all starts with a contribution

A contribution represents the value that we create with our work. From high level projects to ordinary operations, everything has a value that we must understand and capture.

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netwoRHk app on an iPhoneXnetwoRHk app on an iPhoneXnetwoRHk app on an iPhoneX

this is the me view

See all your contributions, their priority and their health

this is the crew view

See who is working with whom and how well

this is the company view

See the customer, focus, health, and load of all teams in real time!

connect everyone to purpose

Me, Crew and the Company view! Zoom in and out to understand how your work helps your customers. Keep track of your contribution’s health status and if your team is doing well. Is a colleague overworked? Are there problems in a contribution? netwoRHk will keep you up to speed, so you can help out or find a solution for the problem.

aimee is here to help

We give you all the analytics that you always wanted to know about your company.

Did more contributions fail after your team switched to remote work?

Whose skills are performing better in your company? Look at the dashboard and find out!

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and when everything is said and done

celebrate your victories!

Once a contribution is completed, the crew gets the chance to record their thoughts and learnings about it for future analysis. Additionally, netwoRHk gives your crew the chance to validate each other with some stars using the staRHs integration.

Crew members of a completed contribution validate each other's Skalls through starhs endorsement.

Every completed contribution gets recorded and can be accessed by anyone in the organization so everyone can know and learn about what other crews have accomplished.

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Do i need to work in a big company to use netwoRHk ?

Absolutely not, the software design can accommodate any company size, from huge networks to smaller ones. If you are a small company you can easily scale up with this system and on-board people quickly in an already networked organization.

My company is not a network organization. Can we still use netwoRHk as a performance management tool?

Every company can profit from well-structured and monitored projects. netwoRHk will also provide you with a better flow of clarity and information.

Why do you offer netwoRHk in a package with staRHs?

Our experience is that both products are supplementing each other very well. If netwoRHk is your company’s brain, then staRHs are the hormones that are kicking you to get going.

Can I use only netwoRHk?

Yes, you can! It doesn’t rely on staRHs and you have access to all of the netwoRHk features. Contact us for more info about pricing.

Will Aimee become an evil super intelligent entity and erase humanity?

We designed her as a very nice and helpful girl. Even though we try to raise her like our own child, she is not conscious and just follows our rules to support the users. Blame us if we are wrong!