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Tech to transform your organization

into an entrepreneurial Network

RH's AI augmented aiRH Platform takes you Tech to the Future of work. Level up to 100% Entrepreneurship & 0% Bureaucracy to achieve up to 10x better performance.

but How?
Start by using a Feedback tool unlike any other...
let aimee help you master positive feedback.

hi! i'm aimee, Your digital ally...

My name stands for Autonomous Intelligent Marauder of Entrepreneurial Enterprises. That's a mouthful, huh? So let's agree on AImee😋. I'm your AI ally at the heart of the aiRH collaboration platform. I help you to establish clarity about contributions and build competencies to work as a self-organizing network with 100% entrepreneurship and 0% bureaucracy. Together we'll unleash the best version of you and your teams! The result?

get 10x more performance with airh taking your Enterprise tech to the future as a smart network of intrapreneurs.
HOW? Well, let me show you around my home. I call it airh because together, ai's like me and resourceful humans like you, are just unbeatable...
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Onboarding leaders, positive Feedback and peer-committed Performance
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not another glorified task manager.   
a performance revolution.

aiRH is the collaboration platform of, for and by networked autonomous teams to commit, align and contribute to their full human potential.

so, this is it!

Run & grow your enterprise as a network - airh.

Clear priorities? Everybody can connect their contribution to the purpose of the enterprise? Fully engaged & responsible adults at work? No egos or politics? No bureaucracy? A utopia? No! aiRH is crafted on timeless and proven principles of successful network enterprises. aiRH creates a positive habit forming environment and has everybody thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.

Break-out from the static hell of  hierarchy!
Evolve to next-level performance with aiRH!

mac iphone and VR goggles

get Leaders onboard airh in vr!

A fool with a tool is still a fool. No solution can outperform the leaders who implement it. That's why The VR Dive allows leadership teams to experience the power of aiRH's network design in a breath-taking VR adventure. Co-designed with US Navy Captain L.David Marquet, based on his best-selling business book ‘Turn the Ship Around’, the VR Dive makes the enterprise architects, aiRH evangelist! If you don't want aiRH after this, we probably had very different childhoods 😉

go deep with airh
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Supercharge Positive Feedback

Build a positive, contribution-focused mindset. aiRH's staRHs module is razor-focused to enable feedback in realtime. Level up  competencies to share and receive meaningful feedback. Provide motivation for your teams the moment they contribute. Use powerful visual analytics straight out of gaming, to discover hidden stars in your company. Feedback of the people, by the people, for the people! Boss-Level? Use staRHs as your bonus system. Let those doing the work, reward the work...
Now go and give a colleague great feedback!

reach for the stars!


aiRH's netwoRHk module is the digital mirror of the proven and tested DNA of world-class network enterprises. It provides you with a way to embed game-changing habits and rituals into your business to move beyond egos, bureaucracy, politics and silos.

Visualize and focus your customers', contributions' and teams' health with an entrepreneurial single-mindedness: To make a meaningful contribution and to ship it! Run and grow as a powerful entrepreneurial network with this uniquely beautiful and unobtrusive layer of technology wrapping around your people.

I mean, imagine how much less BS you'd have to deal with, if you could mobilize a volunteer force for each contribution. You dig?

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once you go airh,

The people management platform of, for and by networked autonomous teams. Contribute and evolve with 100% entrepreneurship, 0% bureaucracy and soul-full AI.


aiRH replaces control with transparency and clarity. Let your people go surfing, skiing or have an ice-cream with their daughter. aiRH ensures the contribution comes in. No matter when or from  where.

Forget Engagement. Try Love!

aiRH creates an environment that people will fight for. It kills toxic leadership practices and provides a positive feedback culture to reward your people’s work in real time. Don’t be a best place to work. Be an epic cult!


aiRH connects your team’s contributions directly with the customer and your company goals. Everybody will start doing the most with the least possible. You really gotta try it to believe it, sister!


The aiRH health engine flags issues or concerns within your team. All members are alerted to ensure they are addressed and delays avoided. But doesn’t every project management tool, too? Here’s the kicker; with aiRH people WANT to keep the deadline. It’s theirs. Not yours. Boom. #Micdrop

change the way you work

Do you want to be epic? Out-innovate your competition? Be loved by your competition? Do you want your neighbour to be jealous every time you (don’t have to) go to work? Resourceful Humans Technology enables you to run and grow your team or enterprise as a legendary entrepreneurial network. Do it. Go Tech to the Future! Hey, trust me! I mean…can these eyes lie?

We help you to tear down the bureaucratic burdens that are holding you back. Improvement of operations will be faster than ever before.

aiRH is your way to finally see the big picture and understand the true meaning of your work, bring the light of clarity into your organizational mess and develop true consciousness of your actions.

we are all about transforming networks!
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mark klein

ceo, t-mobile

I love aiRH! Out of the box, ready to go!”

Cartoon of Gary Hamel

gary hamel

london business school

netwoRHk is the Tesla of management.

Cartoon of Professor Gilbert Probst

prof. gilbert probst

world economic forum

netwoRHk centralizes the ‘why’ & distributes the ‘what’ better than anything

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airh's Origins of 10x performance?
the network Enterprise dna:
100% entrepreneurship
0% bureaucracy

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