One small step for man,
one giant leap for mankind.

staRHs is a simple feedback tool with a big impact on your feelings and your teamwork; Everyone can share positive feedback in the easiest way.  Spread some love and reward your teammates' good work.

Cool thing: use it as a meritocratic bonus system for your company.

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valuable feedback
works both ways

staRHs  promotes genuine feedback, keeping the work rapport up AND giving you a powerful analytical tool for people leadership.

Engagement in times of remote work

Nothing is more motivating than the recognition of good work. It keeps people engaged, even in their cozy home offices.

The Bonus system that rewards the right actions

staRHs rewards the most collaborative people with the biggest impact on the company’s success.

cool analytics

Our staRHmap can show you how well different teams are connected. Discover if communication and collaboration is flowing in the right way in your company.

Peer-to-peer Performance Review

staRHs is providing realtime 360-degree feedback. It's like a self-creating performance review.

staRHs app on an iPhoneX
struggling with what to say?

aimee is here
to help

There’s good feedback and not so good feedback. So, whenever you receive some, you can help AImee identify what is good by rating its value. Using super-advanced machine learning and other magic, next time you are writing feedback, AImee will help ensure that what you write has real value.

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ok, cool, but how easy is it to use?

let's take a look, shall we?

Finding people and sending them feedback is so simple that it's funny.

It takes three steps: look for the person, write the feedback with AImee’s help and choose how many stars you want to send them.

That’s it.

staRHs app on an iPhoneX
staRHs app on an iPhoneXstaRHs app on an iPhoneX

seamless feedback flow

Send and receive valuable feedback and never lose any message

supercharge positive feedback

Do you want to test your feedback giving skills? (for free 😉)

AImee, our AI, is here to coach you in doing so! Here is how it works:
  1. Think of a colleague who did something awesome and deserves recognition. Select this person as the receiver.
  2. Write your feedback and use the slider to increase the amount of stars you want to send.
  3. Click send!
AImee will have a look at your feedback and give you tips on how to make it more valuable for your colleague. Spread recognition at work and motivate your peers. Exchange feedback of a high quality.
Try out staRHs for yourself!
staRHs app on an iPhoneX
staRHs app on an iPhoneX
don’t imagine it. see it!

keep track of your stars in the coolest way

Every user gets a library where they can find their received and sent stars and rate it (if they haven’t yet) from their phones. How cool is that?

But if, like us, you dig trippy visuals, check out the staRHmap and see how stars get distributed among people in your organization. Now that’s cool.


Why do you offer staRHs in a package with netwoRHk?

Our experience is that both products are complementing each other very well. If netwoRHk is your company’s brain, then staRHs are the hormones that are kicking you to get going.

Can I use staRHs on its own?

Yes, you can! It doesn’t rely on netwoRHk and you have access to all of the staRHs features. Contact us here for more info about the pricing.

Is there a web version of the app?

Yes, you can use staRHs from all of your devices as it is a web based app. Simply go to the staRHs website, log in and start sending stars!

Can I use staRHs as a bonus system in my company?

Yes, and it is easy to use. The number of staRHs per person can be displayed quarterly, yearly or whatever time-span you want. You can reward with cash bonuses, vacation time or tacos based on the number of stars.

My company already has a bonus system. Why should we use staRHs instead?

staRHs is rewarding and stimulating collaborative behaviour. The KPIs or OKRs you are currently using can never cover all the great actions like helping each other out or having a great idea. But your colleagues will be the most aware about what was truly meaningful and award stars for it.

Talk is cheap. But do you use staRHs in your own company?

Since day one! Everything that you read on this page is based on our own experience. We are currently paying out our bonuses based on staRHs and it's going great guns!