and who is this crazy company with a DeLorean in their office?!

we are different!

we create amazing Technology for organisations choosing network over hierarchy

If you are not willing to challenge the status quo, don’t work with us!

If it’s your view, that leadership is only important at the higher levels in your hierarchy pyramid, then netwoRHk is definitely the wrong software for you!

If appreciation and collaboration are only buzzwords for you, never use staRHs. NEVER!

Working with us would be a waste of time and money if you are not ready to make meaningful changes. In that case we recommend you to not contact us and to pray that your organisation is strong enough for the next disruptions.

But if you truly want your organization to be the best that it can be, then we will help you to go there. A collaboration with us will be different and special. You will start making changes, that you never imagined to be possible.

hey look, pictures!

That’s how we roll

We experience every day what it means to perform in a hierarchy free space and learn from it. By constantly experimenting with new ideas, we are evolving the best model for a better value driven business world. Freedom, responsibility  and solidarity are the key principles in our crew on our mission. This mission is to support you on your way towards becoming a network organization too, by building the best technology for this purpose.

Meet the Crew

Maverick All-star team

Angela Maus

Network Ninja

Angela is hacking herself into traditional hierarchies to transform them into modern network organizations.

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Heiko Fischer

Cult Leader

Heiko is travelling in time to bring good network leadership from the past to the future. His idols are Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

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His Tesla

Branislav Jerotic

Backend Wizard

He speaks the language that common people can’t understand. When it comes to technology, he is in his own world.

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Carlos Orti

Data Visualization Artist

Carlos is graphically translating machine language into human-friendly quantum interactive art. You can find him mastering bullet time.

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Lilit Gyulazyan

The Shifu of Videography

Her most powerful move? The Wuxi Finger Hold! How it sounds? Skadoosh! The result? A blinking REC assuring you’ll witness the real RH WAY.

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Antonio Ballesteros

Frontend Guy

"On my computer it looks good, have you tried clearing your cache?"

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Daniel Kaulbach

AI Teacher

Daniel is helping AImee to become the smartest member of the crew one day.

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AI is for AImee

Aimee is your little helper that guides you through your crazy business world.

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The interwebs